Valley ALF Ventures

Creating prosperous opportunities for operators and passive investors in residential assisted living


Why Assisted Living?

Assisted living facilities are in growing demand as America’s 65+ age population (more specifically the “Baby Boomer” generation) continues to grow rapidly. Around 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day and all will have reached age 65 by the year 2030. This represents one of the biggest demographic shifts over the next 10 years as a large portion of those 73 million people will need some type of assistance with everyday living at some point in their lives

What Do We Do?

At Valley ALF Ventures we look to pair qualified, experienced local assisted living operators with quality, attractive assisted living facilities that create a win-win situation for all parties. Valley ALF Ventures purchases and leases facilities to those operators, allowing them to expand their operations while focusing their energy and capital on growing the business. We offer purchase options as part of our lease agreements that allows operators the opportunity to purchase the facility from us near the end of the lease term. This helps create value for the operator and favorable returns for our investors.

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